Forza 10 Puppy Chondro Diet, 8.8lbs

Forza 10 Puppy Chondro Diet, 8.8lbs


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FORZA10 PUPPY CHONDRO Active represents the specific Active Line diet developed to offer all puppies a food guaranteeing a harmonious and balanced growth curve, furthermore protecting against the most common chronic disorders afflicting the musculoskeletal system.

Puppy Chondro Active is recommended for all puppies which manifest: growth disorders, tendon and joint weakness and joint diseases (hip or elbow dysplasia, patellar dislocation).

Puppy Chondro Active’s effectiveness is supported by a study carried out in collaboration with Grosseto's Military Center, which showed how feeding this diet during growth guarantees a harmonious growth curve and an improvement in the puppy’s cognitive performance.

    Prescription medication purchases require that your pet has a doctor-patient relationship with a veterinarian at Acres Mill Vet Clinic, Canton, GA