Forza 10 Depura Diet with Fish for Dogs, 22lbs

Forza 10 Depura Diet with Fish for Dogs, 22lbs


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DEPURA DIET WITH FISH DOG is the ideal continuation to maintain pets after administering any of the specific Active Line formulas, and furthermore offers nutritional support for pets with chronic or recurrent liver problems as well as convalescent or elderly pets.

Depura Diet is recommended in the presence of chronic or recurrent liver problems or those that generally don’t respond satisfactorily to therapy (liver disease, skinniness, lack of appetite, incontinence, weak limbs (especially rear)), as well as convalescence and post-operative periods and the most common inflammatory process.

Depura Diet’s effectiveness was demonstrated by an important research project conducted in collaboration with the University of Sassari and published in the Journal of Veterinary Medicine: after a few days the nerve cells’ antioxidant and protective effects have sharpened, and older dogs’ cognitive faculties have improved.

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