How do you view your Pet?

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This post will be a unique one for me. Instead of writing 400+ word article, I thought I would just ask my readers several questions. The answers of these questions will be what this post is made up of. So feel free to leave comments. Here are some questions for you to answer honestly preferably before viewing the video below. How do you view your pet? Is your pet like a family member? Is your pet a companion? Do you have a pet for your benefit or its benefit? Do you consider having a pet as a convenience or inconvenience? Do you see having a pet as a long term commitment? Below is a video that somebody shared on Facebook that I found quite insightful in regards to pet ownership. This video is slightly longer then 4 minutes, but it is important you watch it till the end to get the full impact of its message.


Now after watching this video has any of your answers to the questions posed changed? If they have changed how will that impact your attitude toward your pet?

I believe this video will touch many people’s hearts and may change some people’s attitude toward their pets. Maybe people will understand why there can be outrage over a cat dying by an arrow, or horses being underfed and many cases of animal abuse that don’t get as much media attention. One can only be hopeful.

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